Monday, October 18, 2010

How much weight can a baby bed hold???

This is how I found Stewart and Parker the other night when I was trying to fix never know what happens when your not looking around here!!!

Needless to say, she thought this was the greatest thing that Daddy would get in her bed with her :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Destin with the Bronson's

We went to Destin with Stewart's Dad and Pam. We had a great time and wish we could have stayed longer. We went to the beach and Parker had a great time, we rented a boat and went out on the ocean and swam a little bit and fished a little bit. We had great food and a great visit. Emily and Joe got there on our last night and the picture below is the only one of all of us. (This is the picture you get when the valet guy takes it :)

All of us
Stewart's big fish ;)

Swimming in the ocean

Pop and Parker

Ready for the beach!

1st day of Mother's Day Out

Parker started Mother's Day out two days a week at the end of August. I was a little sad the first couple of days but it has been great now that I'm am used to it. She is still adjusting to the sleeping at school part of it. However, she loves playing and is learning a ton. Here are a few pictures I took before we left.

Trying to smile but knowing the flash is coming and is going to make her blink. This is how most of our pictures look now days :)

Or just plain shutting her eyes in anticipation of the flast :O