Sunday, January 23, 2011

It SNOWED on Christmas Eve!!

So it Snowed on Christmas Eve and we woke up to a White Christmas! It has been a long time since that happended and it was so fun. As I write this we have had like 3 Snows since.....and if you live in TN, this is very unusal! I love snow but I am almost ready for Spring. That said, here are some family pictures from Christmas in Sturgis, Ky.

Christmas Morning!!
Mom and Dad

Erin and Bryan

Us on Christmas Eve

The whole family at my Grandparents.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Post 1

We had a great Christmas!! Parker really enjoyed it and since she is the only grandchild on all sides, she truly enjoyed being the center of attention!!! She is the biggest ham and wants everyone to watch her at all times. By the end of our tour of West TN and KY she had this opening presents thing down. We are blessed with all the family we have and Stewart even took a week off work to travel with us so we got to spend a little time with everybody. It was so great and I have so many pictures that I will have to make several posts. (I can only upload 5 pictures at a time for some reason)

Helping Grandad (her great grandfather) had out presents at the Gray Family Christmas.
CoCo and Aunt Emily at the Gray family Christmas party.
The three of us family Christmas. Had to do a couple of days early due to traveling. Obviously this is after opening presents.

Parker's new ride!

Before opening presents.