Monday, August 30, 2010

Memphis to visit family

We went to Memphis for the weekend to visit Stewart's parents. We did lots of eating and swimming and hanging out. We had a great time and wished we could have stayed longer. Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Loving on Pam
Wearing Pop's hat


Making Eggs for breakfast

Not sure what she is thinking here....

Smiling pretty!

Pointing at who knows what :O


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beach Part 2

time at the pool becuase that was much easier with Parker than the sand :)
1st Flight

Attempt at a family shot

Michael and Heather

Parker and Stewart at dinner

Goof ball!

Everleigh (2 months, I think)and Parker (10 months)

At the airport waiting

Josh, Darci and Everleigh

Me and Parker
At dinner one night
Oh and we went to dinner two nights and by the time we got to dinner both nights Parker blew out her diaper on the way to dinner.....neither night did we realize this and got all over both Stewart and I :) Makes for some laughs and a super smelly dinner. I had a change of clothes for her...not us! I had just started her on Juice and had NO IDEA juice makes babies go to the bathroom more! Fun times!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Beach Part 1

We got to go to the beach with some friends earlier in July without Parker. This was my first trip away from her and we went for 3 nights. It was great. We went to Dalphin Island, AL and pretty much had the beach to ourselves. They also left their boys at home so it was a very relaxing weekend. Although it was a little crazy becuase they (I guess BP) is putting up these massive sand dunes. Dalphin Island is a barrier island to Mobile Bay where there is a lot of sealife they are trying to protect. So they were dregging (sp?) the bay side of the island and bringing it to the ocean side to protect the bay. So they were very busy with the dump trucks and the walkers on the beach looking for oil while we were hanging out at the beach and on the deck watching them :)

Below are some of the crazy pictures we took while there:

Robin relaxing and reading at the beach The sand road from the deck of the house--it was CRAZY how tall it was!
The dump truck at eye level to the deck that was like I think16 feet up from the actual beach

We were right in front of their house and this is all you could see because of the double sand dunes

This is right in front of their house and the blue tents were for the BP workers. By the time we left they put these dunes all the way in front of the house over to the sand road.

Stewart and Bebo hanging out