Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beach Part 2

time at the pool becuase that was much easier with Parker than the sand :)
1st Flight

Attempt at a family shot

Michael and Heather

Parker and Stewart at dinner

Goof ball!

Everleigh (2 months, I think)and Parker (10 months)

At the airport waiting

Josh, Darci and Everleigh

Me and Parker
At dinner one night
Oh and we went to dinner two nights and by the time we got to dinner both nights Parker blew out her diaper on the way to dinner.....neither night did we realize this and got all over both Stewart and I :) Makes for some laughs and a super smelly dinner. I had a change of clothes for her...not us! I had just started her on Juice and had NO IDEA juice makes babies go to the bathroom more! Fun times!

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