Sunday, October 28, 2012


Parker turned 3 this month so we celebrated most of the month and I tried to get some pictures of Jack along the way.  I have not done a very good job of it...especially not as good as I did with Parker but I think this is the life of the 2nd child.

A couple of weeks old
 Princess Parker swinging
1st Bottle
 1st Trip to the Farm/shop
 A few girlfriends from highschool meeting Jack
 1st Day of 3-year Preschool
 1 month pictures--my chubby monkey!
 A few together
 Parker taking a few with her camera--he looks terrified!
 Just our family birthday on her actual birthday---We told her she could have whatever she wanted for dinner and she choose....Old McDonald!
 Family party

 New Bike
 My mom and Sister---they don't look anything alike :)
 The Princess Cake
 And a new tractor!
Needless to say--she had a great birthday!!!

The newest LOVE of our life

Lots of pictures below...John "Jack" Wesley Bronson born August 14, 2012. The newest love of our life!

39 weeks

Baby Jack

Proud grandparents

Being introduced to the whole family

Aunt Emily, Parker and Jack

After his bath, the nurses gave him a mohawk and brought him back to us

Brother and Sister

Trying to entertain at the hospital

The Parker family--minus Bryan

Proud Papa :)

Going home

My very talented friend Darci Belville took his newborn pictures

and a few of Parker (3 years old)



We went to the Lake for the 4th with the family. 

 Parker dancing a little with CoCo.

We went back to the beach with my family.  Here is Parker and my Dad
 Sister and Anna chilling at the beach
 Me holding Anna...8 months pregnant and that is about all I could do at the time.
 Parker, baby boy and I.
 We took a pirate cruise and Parker thought is was super fun!
 Sister, Anna and Parker as pirates :)
 Stewart, Parker, baby Boy (didn't have a name at the time) and I
 We celebrated Stewart's 32nd birthday while in PCB!

June---Bought a house

So in March we listed our house.  It sold in 24 hours and the buyers wanted us out in like 25 days.  Needless to say we scrambled and found a rental house while looking for the next project.  We found it in June.  The house is awful but the yard is wonderful.  If you know me I grew up on a farm and lots of places to play.  Being in Nashville yards are sometimes not very big and close to neighbors.  But we found this jewel!  The house is being completly gutted.  Once you see these pictures you will understand why :O

formal dining room...or Mexican resturant


plumbing from an addition...shouldn't plumbing be behind the sheetrock not in front??

Front of the house

Great yard...Stewart already wants to put a pool in
Dance Recital

the way she rides her scooter around the neighborhood

Dance recital again.

All of her flowers

Again riding in style!