Sunday, October 28, 2012


Parker turned 3 this month so we celebrated most of the month and I tried to get some pictures of Jack along the way.  I have not done a very good job of it...especially not as good as I did with Parker but I think this is the life of the 2nd child.

A couple of weeks old
 Princess Parker swinging
1st Bottle
 1st Trip to the Farm/shop
 A few girlfriends from highschool meeting Jack
 1st Day of 3-year Preschool
 1 month pictures--my chubby monkey!
 A few together
 Parker taking a few with her camera--he looks terrified!
 Just our family birthday on her actual birthday---We told her she could have whatever she wanted for dinner and she choose....Old McDonald!
 Family party

 New Bike
 My mom and Sister---they don't look anything alike :)
 The Princess Cake
 And a new tractor!
Needless to say--she had a great birthday!!!

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  1. Super fun catching up!!!!
    Love, SISTER apparently