Sunday, October 28, 2012

Catch up post 1

I am soooo far behind--if there is anyone that still reads probably thought I quit blogging.  I kind of did but I like going back and looking at the highlights so I'm going to start again.  Here are a few pictures over this past year.  I just picked a few to get caught up.

Dad and Parker jam session

She began dance class......and LOVES it!

Sister had a baby shower!!!

Another baby shower...I also announced in January that we were expecting #2.  We are both pregnant in this picture.  Erin about 8 months and me around 5 months.


Another Easter with cousins!

Easter Sunday Family Picture

My grandparents with most of the granddaughters. It has been a rough year for my grandparents and it was amazing that my grandfather was able to come home for Easter this year.  He seems to be doing well now though.

(Disclaimer:  Writing this VERY quickly...please forgive typos)

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