Sunday, October 28, 2012

June---Bought a house

So in March we listed our house.  It sold in 24 hours and the buyers wanted us out in like 25 days.  Needless to say we scrambled and found a rental house while looking for the next project.  We found it in June.  The house is awful but the yard is wonderful.  If you know me I grew up on a farm and lots of places to play.  Being in Nashville yards are sometimes not very big and close to neighbors.  But we found this jewel!  The house is being completly gutted.  Once you see these pictures you will understand why :O

formal dining room...or Mexican resturant


plumbing from an addition...shouldn't plumbing be behind the sheetrock not in front??

Front of the house

Great yard...Stewart already wants to put a pool in
Dance Recital

the way she rides her scooter around the neighborhood

Dance recital again.

All of her flowers

Again riding in style!

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  1. Ha-ha! Love the Mexican restraunt and the plumbing... Who does that to their house?!
    Im sure Parker makes many people smile as they see a little princess riding around on a scooter.