Thursday, March 25, 2010

More March pictures...

More March pictures......for some reason I can only figure out how to up load 5 pictures at a time...however, I have figured out how to put my writing before the pictures so maybe one day I'll figure out how to up load more than 5 pictures at a time. Happy March and we are so glad Spring is here!

My first baby and he doesn't get mentioned much anymore nor does he the attention he used too. But he turned 7 YEARS old on March 3rd. Happy Birthday Skeeter!!!
Hanging out in the Bumbo chair and playing with my new farm toy.

Stewart put this little box thing on her head and she thought it was so funny! The things that amuse little ones :)

Trying out the high chair and not real sure what to think about it.....

Maybe it's going to be least I get to eat while I'm sitting here....

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