Monday, May 10, 2010

Nashville Flood 2010

The support out in full force in Bellvue--truly amazing!
Our old house---the entire street, both sides, was demolished!

All of the belogings out in front of the house---it broke my heart! Stewart put ALOT of sweat into that house--we (really he) laid all the hardwoods himself, put in carpent, painted, new countertops, redid the bathroom and he re-tiled the floor. It truly broke my heart!

The flood around Nashville has been unbeliveable! Its hard to imagine the damage water can do to houses, roads, cars and people's lives. I saw it first hand in Hopkinsville in 1996 when it flooded and our youth group went around cleaning up for about a week and the memories begin to fade after 14 years but they all came back after seeing the pictures of this flood. Luckly we didn't have any damage--a little water in the basement but not really even flooded. However, I just knew Stewart and I's first house was flooded becuase it backed up to the Harpeth River in Bellvue. I went out there the other day to see and below are a couple of pictures of the house. I didn't see any of our neighbers while I was out there but the support and people helping was overwhelming. PLease keep all of those affected by this flood in your prayers becuase it has been devastaing for Nashville!

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