Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family and Farm day across KY and TN

So we have been all over KY and TN in the last couple of months. First we went to my Great Aunt's 90th Birthday party and saw lots of cousions that we never see, and then we went to the zoo in Nashville with my mom, then to Memphis to see Stewart's parents and grandmother and then back home.

Last week, Dad called and needed our "help" on the farm. That really just consisted of Parker and I helping him move to different fields, getting lunch and going to pick up a trailer of tabacco plants. The picture below is the trailer. I have lived on a farm all my life and driven countless trucks and trackers but I'm not sure I've ever driven a truck with a trailer hooked up (probably in a field but not on the road) but I did it!! No wrecks or dings or anything! Parker slept most of the time but we also turned Dad's shop into a nursery for when he didn't need us to do anything. Parker also took her first ride in the blue tractor while helping dad plant a few rows of tabacco. I forgot to get a picture but I have no doubt there will be MANY more tractor rides :O

Our Farm day--trailer of tabacco plants!
Stewart's Dad and Pam with Parker

Stewart's Dad and Parker

Stewart's Grandmother in Memphis. She is almost 93 and looks amazing! I can only hope to look like her when I'm that age!

Mom and Parker at the zoo.

My Great-aunt Judy at her 90th Birthday party (right) sitting with my grandmother, her sister.

My cousin Emily and Parker

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