Monday, October 10, 2011


We took a trip to Birmingham this summer to visit my sister. Mom went with us and we went to the Zoo on probably the hottest day this summer. The zoo there is great though! You can get really close to the animals (maybe not the animals most natural environment but great for us). They have some different animals than the Nashville Zoo.....we will go back for sure but not in July! Here are some pictures of us sweating!

Oh they had this really fun water play area and Parker loved it!

Pretty cute Giraffe!

And the real one.

You can't see it but there was a HUGE Gorilla in this area.

The rinos!

The train ride---It was on real train tracks and went through and around the zoo--a little different from the new one here. You can see how red Parker's cheeks are---she was getting overheated!

The Kangaroos--we got to go into their cage!

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