Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter Egg hunt
Dad watching Parker enjoy an egg

Loving this egg....

4 Generations

Skeeter telling Parker a secret!

1st Easter and Stewart't Mom made the dress!

Dad and Parker checking out the cows...

Mimi and Pop (my parents) and us

My Grandparents Mamma and Papa and us

The Easter bunny came and brought us a swing!

This was Parker's first Easter. We went to my grandparents house in Sturgis, KY. If you've never heard ofStrugis its because it is a very small town of maybe 3000 people or so. It was a perfectweekend. It was sunny and warm! Not many Easter's are like that. I have posted a fewpictures of the weekend. It was great and the Easter bunny brought her a SWING! Now if wecould just get it hung I think she will love it! Happy Spring!!!

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